Meet Your Shirt Crew

Our goal is simple… deliver a product that maintains a quality of standard that we can be proud of. We live by the basic ideals that with a little hard work, dedication, and personal attention, we will always achieve this goal each and every time.

We offer value to our clients by providing hard work that surpasses the “good enough” mentality too often found in faster-paced larger companies. In return, we’ve been lucky enough to be rewarded with their trust and loyalty.

Items featured on our site are typically just a small sample of what we are capable of and are usually part of a bigger bulk order, placed on the page for the convenience of our clients. Please stop in during office hours to browse our selection of apparel and gifts that we have in stock! Also, feel free to email, or call us, so that we can create custom apparel that fits your needs. 

We design it. We print it. You rock it.


Phone: 618.887.4656 |  Email:  

Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10 - 6  | Saturday 9 - 12


Pictured above from left to right: Lyra, Kelly, Christine and Rachel